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about is your partner for commercialization of AI applications in EdTech. With more than twenty years of product development experience in building and managing data, analytics, and artificial intelligence systems across multiple industries including Education, Entertainment, Mobile, IOT, and Social, ternium brings your AI vision to life.  We partner with educational institutions and digital learning companies within K12, Higher Education, and Workforce industries to develop and deploy AI applications that solve some of the most pressing challenges in education, and transform online learning for millions of students, instructors, and organizations.

Our experience spans both legacy platform modernization, and new platforms built from the ground up, including real-time data streaming for actionable student interventions when response times are critical. We partner directly with product leadership to envision, prototype, build, and deploy both AI-enhanced internal workflow applications, and customer-facing AI-enabled applications, that are intelligent, reliable, scalable, and impactful. We invite you to journey with us to your next stage of digital transformation.

Steve Stalzer, President

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