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Get the right help at the right time to accelerate growth and innovation.


Advising, Strategy, and Implementation

Analysis of your AI and product strategies, use cases, and opportunities. Coaching, solutions, and recommendations for areas where AI, including generative AI, can decrease your costs, automate expensive human tasks, increase speed of product development, and solve difficult business challenges.​ 

        CASE 1: Customer A, an online provider of educational content in the higher education sector, identified a customer need to help instructors detect ChatGPT generated assignments submitted by students.

        SOLUTION: Development and commercialization of an AI detector (neural network), trained on customer data, which differentiates between student and generative AI essays, integrated as a new service into an existing product.


Review and Solutions

Evaluation of current data collection, analytics needs, business intelligence tooling, data processing, and storage.  Architectural solution development to improve your platform and maximize return on your cloud investment.

        EXAMPLE 2: Customer B, a Fortune 500 entertainment company, struggled with retention and visibility into user behavior across multiple gaming properties.

        SOLUTION:  Review of existing data warehouse and architecture, and design of a new Spark Streaming application to ingest real time game data into AWS Redshift. Increased user visibility and enabled analytics in Tableau to understand players at risk of churn who could be retained with incentives.


Technical Leadership

Enhance your engineering team with new competencies, development processes, and technical insight, to increase velocity and throughput while accelerating your critical business growth areas. Mature your team and get to scale. Fractional technical leadership available to optimize costs.

        EXAMPLE 3: Customer C, an EdTech start-up, needed to mature their engineering organization, consisting of a few on-site resources and an offshore team in Europe, to scale their product quickly to handle more data and users, and attract additional venture investment.

        SOLUTION: Establishment of more consistent engineering practices, including peer code reviews, task acceptance criteria, and shorter sprints (Scrum). Hardening of data systems, rebuilding of core cloud infrastructure to handle auto-scaling. Creation and management of an additional offshore team in India to speed time to market for new data science use cases.

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