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ternium (noun), ter·​ni·​um, tərnēəm

  : a set of three, composed of data, cloud, and AI

Free initial consult and AI opportunity report!

from vision to market:
ai strategy, coaching, and implementation

Ternium AI understands the challenges you face when prototyping, building, and commercializing your AI strategy and vision. With decades of experience in diverse industries like mobile, education, and gaming, Ternium brings AI-powered products to life. Free 30 minute consultation and customized report!



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AI Development

Strategy, Coaching, and Implementation

Deep dive into your product strategy, use cases, and opportunities. Solutions and recommendations for areas where AI techniques, including generative AI, chatbots, and assistants, can be applied to decrease costs, automate expensive human tasks, increase speed of product development, and accelerate your business.

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Data and Analytics

Business Intelligence

Evaluation of key business questions, data collection, business intelligence needs, and desired insights. Architecture, workflows, and database reviews, with recommendations and solutions to leverage your data for new usecases, including fine-tuning large language and vision models with your proprietary data.


We work with these technologies everyday (and many more):

Artificial Intelligence
Deep learning, OpenAI, Meta, Anthropic, Cohere, Stable Diffusion, Vision AI, Huggingface, MLflow

Real Time /Batch /Cloud
AWS/Azure/Google Cloud, Kafka, Spark, Databricks,
Hadoop, Hive,
Apache Airflow

Databases and Warehousing
Relational/ANSI SQL,
Data Lakes,
Graph Databases,
Column Stores

recent work

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